Social Media Communication Automation

SatNav Technologies is an IT products firm focusing on cloud-established map information products and also a pioneer in GPS, FMS & LBS Technologies. The product package includes SatTracx in-the-field place-based alternatives and A-mantra in-the-office facilities management alternatives. QuickFMS from a-mantra is a cloud-established facility management system that enriches business efficiency. He had been the co-developerContinue reading “Social Media Communication Automation”

Technology Is Changing Education

O’Leary, that has been analyzing the cashless, technology-driven surroundings, has worries, also. The simplicity of e-commerce and artificial intelligence-based systems which indicate other goods”you may like” can drive people toward greater impulse paying for this immediate gratification, O’Leary says. Computers are faster, more mobile, and higher-powered than previously. With everyone these revolutions, technology has alsoContinue reading “Technology Is Changing Education”

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